Gina Amelia Love-Aguilar

Gina Love-Aguilar is a composer / music producer / and owner of the record label: MyOwnAnthony.com. She has been composing music since 2008, and since that time has written over 500 compositions, piano works of the light contemporary style.

Gina grew up listening to the rock and roll, pop, and rhythm & blues, of the 1960’s through the 1990’s. However, she was a little different, from her peers, in that she also loved opera. There was some country and western music influence from her mother, and some latin jazz influence from her father. And she remembers a lot of Mexican folk music being played, in the home.

Ms. Love-Aguilar is a 1986 graduate, of the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Nursing, with a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

Because her father was a commissioned warrant officer, in the U.S. Army, during the Vietnam war, Gina grew up all over the world. She herself, did a short stint, as a commissioned officer, in the U.S. Air Force Nurse Corp., which took her to Phoenix, AZ, for 10 years. Gina has been living in Omaha, NE, since 1996, and now calls it home.

It is her wish, to bring a little beauty into the world, as well as to glorify God, through her unique form of contemporary music. Be sure to visit the Blog page to read “Dad’s Love Letter“. I know you’ll love it!


My Mission

moa_home_1_15I. To create beautiful, original, and relaxing music for your enjoyment.
II. To bring honor and glory to God through music.

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