Simba's New Blog

20161208_215025My cat named, Simba Baby Love, is my constant companion.  He is now 13 years old and he will be 14 on January 1rst 2017.  So, he is getting to be elderly.  But, he does not act like an elderly cat.  He still jumps up to very, very high places in my apartment and has no trouble at all getting down, so, I don’t think he has any arthritis.  He’s very healthy.  He’s never been sick a day in his kitty life except for a few hairballs, but, that is to be expected from a cat that won’t allow you to brush him.  He’s never been to the veterinarian except for well visits.  He has certainly been exceptionally healthy.  I don’t feed him anything special, just Iams dry for mature adults.  I keep him indoors at all times.  He’s never been outdoors on his own. I give him fresh water every day.  And he pays me back with tons of loyalty and absolute love and devotion.  I adore my cat. Right now, I’m having a bit of a problem with Simba’s undercoat being a little matted.  I had to give up my car when I moved into this assisted living community, so, I have had no way to get Simba to the groomer’s over the past year.  And, Simba and I are not used to me doing it myself.  I just ordered grooming tools over the internet today, so, I’m going to have to learn how, and get used to doing it myself.  I adore my cat.  Please pray for me and Simba